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The On Site Team understands that hearing loss can affect any environment you are in, and that you might need some accommodations in place to help realize your true potential. Your On Site Team Specialist will speak to you about how you currently cope with hearing loss and evaluate any existing technology you might have such as hearing aids or special phones. If you are a BSL speaker don't worry, your On Site Team Specialist is a BSL speaker too! What ever needs you might have rest assured that our team is on your side to help you achieve the best possible outcome from your assessment. 

Ergonomic Assessment

Assessment Categories 

Technology has grown in scope for those with  vision loss over the years and the On Site Team makes sure that we always have the most current solutions on hand. When your specialist arrives he or she will discuss what you are already doing to cope with vision loss. Some of our clients have experienced vision loss for the better part of their lives, and know what solutions work for them. Others might have recent vision loss and have no idea what is out there to help. Your On Site Team Specialist is well versed in all aspects of vision loss and will spend time with you to ensure that you can overcome whatever barriers you face using the latest solutions available. 

Mental Health Assessments 

Specific Learning Difficulty Assessment

SPLD Assessments  ensure that you get the most help for your specific learning difficulty. Symptoms present themselves in either a single or combination of different traits which make it difficult to function at work, school or home.  During your assessment your On Site Specialist will discuss what obstacles you are experiencing in your environment, and ask what you are doing at the present to cope with these. As the assessment progresses your Specialist will discuss certain solutions with you to see what will serve you best moving forward. There are many types of help for those with SPLDs, from software which would enable mind mapping and text to speech to simple adjustments such as colour overlays for your documents. Your On Site Specialist will work with you to ensure our recommendations are tailored to your specific needs. 

Blind or Low Vision Assessments 

At On Site we understand that it might have been a hurdle for you to ask for help in the first place. If you are referred for a disability needs assessment rest assured that the appointment with your On Site Team Specialist will be a reassuring experience. Solutions you can expect will come by way of specialist technology intended to manage your workflow, and/or specialst support meant to provide you with guidance and coping stratigies to ensure the best possible outcome for your needs.

Deaf or Hard of Hearing Assessments 

Ergonomic Assessments are one of the most asked for services the On Site Team provides. During the assessment your On Site Specialist evaluates the environment you are working or studying in with great detail. This can be anything from how the computer is positioned to looking at posture support and your current seating arrangement. Our specialist might ask you questions regarding how you feel with your current setup, and provide on the spot suggestions to ensure you are as comfortable as possible. He or she might also take measurements during the assessment to make certain our recommendations are as exact as possible. Bear in mind that this processes is designed with you in mind, so plan for a fun and easygoing experience where we work with you to identify the best possible solutions to suit your needs.

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Disability is like a diamond, there are many facets and every one unique. The On Site Team understands that asking for help can be a daunting task, which is why we ensure that every assessment adheres to the highest quality and detail. When your assessment is booked an On Site Team Specialist is assigned with unique knowledge and background for your specific situation. Read on to find out some of the different types of assessment provided. And remember, we are here to support you a 100% every step of the way!